The true history of the 1967 war

Here is the true history of the 1967 war, as recorded by the Polish government at that time:

In June 1966, a left wing of the Baathist party of Syria overthrew the right-wing government and took over the country. The new Syrian government strongly opposed the creation of Israel in Palestinian land. It began implementing a program of nationalization of the economy as well as reforms in agriculture, education, and banking. It requested payments for the use of Syrian pipelines that transported Iraqi oil – an operation run by international monopolies (corporations). This request resulted in a conflict between the new Syrian government and western monopolies importing Iraqi oil that lasted from November 1966 till March 1967. During these months, western intelligence agencies unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the leftist government of Syria. Western monopolies and governments viewed the new Syrian authorities as dangerous to their interests.

In November 1966, Syria signed a mutual defense agreement with Egypt. One and a half weeks later, Israel began a highly provocative military operation targeting Jordan – an attempt to pull Egypt and Syria into a wider conflict. A few months later, on April 7, 1967, Israel committed a larger provocation. Israeli army, including the air force, tanks, and artillery, attacked Syria. As a pretext, Israel used a small incident that resulted from farming in the demilitarized border zone. Israel then publicly ridiculed the Egyptian President Nasser for not sticking to his obligations under the mutual defense agreement with Syria.

According to the original plan, Israeli aggression was to target Syria. Israel threatened to overthrow the government of Syria. Israeli generals publicly stated that they would conquer the Syrian capital Damascus within 12 hours. To hide their aggressive preparations, on May 15, 1967, Israel organized a large scale military parade in Jerusalem, officially to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the state of Israel. However, since May 14, many military units were sent to the border with Syria, instead.

It was obvious that Israel intended to attack Syria. In response, President Nasser moved Egyptian army units to the border with Israel – a border that was guarded on the Egyptian side by the UN peace keeping forces. On May 17, president Nasser requested that the UN military units move towards Gaza. He also demanded that the UN forces leave Egyptian territory. When the UN complied, Egyptian army took positions along the Israeli border. This development forced Israel to change its original plan to invade Syria. Israel regrouped its military units and attacked Egypt.

It is therefore clear that Israel prepared and initiated the aggression and the 1967 war. Syrian Golan Heights and a large portion of Palestinian territories have been occupied by Israel, since. In violation of international law, Israel attempts to annex these territories. Illegal settlements and transfer of Israeli civilian population into occupied territories, dispossession, economic blockade, ethnic cleansing measures, intimidation, and violent military operations have been used repeatedly to achieve this goal. Crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity have been committed by Israel in the process.

Today, Israel’s support for the terrorists destabilizing Syria as well as Israel’s provocations and war mongering towards Syria is a continuation of the old story. Pipelines and Israeli criminal expansion in the region are, again, at the center of Israel’s involvement.

It is not an isolated incident. It is a pattern. If you want to understand why Yemen, since 2009, has been targeted by Israel, the terrorists, and Saudi Arabia, check this short video: