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The Zionist Occupied Government of America

Oh, stop talking about the IQ and intelligence of the Jews. I don’t think that it is intelligent to waste a lifetime on plotting how to make more money and gather more material goods than one needs to survive and … Continue reading

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George Galloway calling out the Israeli and US Zionist scumbags in Brooklyn NY

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Canada’s Green Party Must Not Heed to Pressure, Revoke JNF’s Charitable Status

Despite a backlash evocative of those who defended the Jim Crow US South, Green Party members recently voted in favor of a resolution calling on Ottawa to stop subsidizing racist land covenants. Next weekend the Greens will make a final … Continue reading

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‘US govt violates intl law, no right to use force in Syria’

Related: Syria, Russia oppose unilateral US strikes against ISIL Obama declares airstrikes on ISIS ‘wherever it exists’ Syria reiterates need for its consent in foreign actions on IS inside Syria Iran casts doubt on U.S. fight against IS militants: spokesperson … Continue reading

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CrossTalk: Reinventing NATO?

Related: Game over? Ukraine militia hope for best, fear worst Donetsk Official Says Republic to Remain Independent State Former CIA Representative: Militia in Ukraine Not Pro-Russian, but Anti-Coup Putin, Poroshenko Discuss Ukrainian Crisis, Agree on Further Dialogue Medvedev: Moscow May … Continue reading

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August 31 update

Ukraine – News: Putin Calls for Talks Inside Ukraine, Not Giving Statehood to Novorossiya – Spokesman Impossible to Predict End of Crisis in Ukraine, Everything Depends on Kiev – Putin Czech Prime Minister Says Ukraine Unprepared for EU, NATO Membership … Continue reading

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