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This Blog is Retiring…

After many years of documenting world’s events on three different websites, I find it difficult to say goodbye. The decision to “close” The Notebook was, in large part, prompted by the departure of my two friends, neighbours, and associates, who helped updating … Continue reading

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CrossTalk: Ukraine Wedged in the Middle

World: Obama Asks Congress For Unlimed War Authority NATO Military Activity Near Russia Is ‘Response to Moscow’s Actions’ US Navy Deploys Laser Weapon System in Persian Gulf US Considers Response to Russia’s Violation of INF Treaty State Department US seeking … Continue reading

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Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes, Foreign Affairs Min calls it ‘Hamas propaganda’

Related: Israel Partners with Obama’s War on Syria Israel’s Draconian Anti-Infiltration Law

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Obama’s anti-ISIS plans backfire on boosting Baghdad

World: False Flag & WWIII: Terrified France WARNS Russia of Obama/US “TERROR Spectacular” EU States Involved in South Stream Project Ask EC to Clarify Situation Russia: Rescuing Diplomacy in an Age of Demagogy Putin Russia Plans to Become Reliable Energy … Continue reading

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Feinstein: CIA torture techniques far more brutal than approved (FULL SPEECH)

The U.S. Torture Report Summary – (PDF) Related: CIA torture report published: Post 9/11 interrogation techniques ineffective Flawed, brutal and ineffective: Senate report on CIA torture Torture: An Executive Summary CIA Torture Methods ‘Far Worse’ Than Presented to Policy Makers: US … Continue reading

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Winter is coming: Gaza still in ruins, hard to rebuild after 50-day war

Related: Israeli army arrests West Bank Palestinians on terrorism Syria – Israel – Russia: Israel must explain airstrikes on Syria: Russia

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