The Notebook focuses on foreign policy matters, documents current conflicts, and presents news and opinions that are often not reported by our mainstream media.

We strongly believe that foreign policy must be restored as a part of a democratic process, where public debate and input are taken seriously by all levels of government.

We also believe that a meaningful democracy requires people to make informed choices based on the knowledge of all points of view and all concerns involved, not just on a one-sided and heavily politicized official propaganda.

Since our mainstream media provide us with a “standard”, one sided version of most stories related to international politics, and since they notoriously avoid reporting on undesired facts and opposite views, we here try to fill this gap by selecting, “re-packaging,” and sharing with you the news and opinions originally published elsewhere – in the best interest of our beloved democracy, of course.

This is also an excellent way to record and document events as they unfold – for our own personal use, for public record, and for others interested in this topic.