This Blog is Retiring…

primary4_aquaAAfter many years of documenting world’s events on three different websites, I find it difficult to say goodbye. The decision to “close” The Notebook was, in large part, prompted by the departure of my two friends, neighbours, and associates, who helped updating and editing most of the daily posts. I wish them well in their new careers and their new home “away from home”.

My own departure is a different story. I have decided to stop publishing The Notebook in order to retire from stressful and depressing interaction with today’s global events. As a young man, many years ago, I was lucky to live in a peaceful world, a world in which international law, moral values, and personal integrity were highly regarded and observed in our political culture. I was proud of the progress made in the areas of human rights, democracy, and international relations. I was proud of living in a civilized world and hopeful for the future. I never thought that the world would start moving backwards. Unfortunately, it did. I am retiring from publishing because I want to spend the remaining years of my life in a healthy, sane, and positive mindset.

Farewell, and may we meet again in happier times.


For those who want to follow our most frequent sources, here they are:

The RSS subscriptions in the right panel will keep updating automatically and will show current news as long as the source websites are active.

The blog’s domain name ( will be active till June 18, 2015. After that date, the blog can be accessed at: . Please save this URL, if you are planning to visit us in the future.

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