‘IAEA has no authority over Israel’s nuclear program’

“The stakes are high, and the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran has never been greater. But with the deadline fast approaching, can the international community hammer out an agreement with Tehran, or will the collapse of the talks lead to a nuclear confrontation? Oksana is joined by Olli Heinonen, the former Deputy Director of Safeguards at the International Atomic Energy Agency, to inspect these issues.” – [RT]


Heinonen’s comments are strange and suspicious. “Speeding with the car?” – B.S. “You have the right to ‘drive it’ the car but you have to rehabilitate your driving record first?” Damn right!

Let’s look at the “driving record.” Iran has not engaged in an aggressive war in recent 100 years or so (the only war being the defensive war in the 1980s). Israel, on the other hand, has repeatedly engaged in recent aggressive wars in the region; Israel is conducting illegal occupation of Palestinian territories for over 40 years; Israel is taking steps to ethnically cleanse and illegally annex these occupied territories; Israel is frequently committing war crimes and crimes against humanity; Israel is applying an economic blockade of Gaza; Israel is consistently violating both international law and UN resolutions; Israel is maintaining an apartheid state; Israel is running a nuclear weapons program outside of any international overview; Israel has used white phosphorus and cluster bombs, as well as depleted uranium munitions in densely populated civilian areas in Gaza and Lebanon. Israel is kidnapping and/or assassinating political opponents. Israel is assassinating foreign scientists. Israel is supporting terrorists in order to destabilize other sovereign states, e.g., Syria. Which country should be a priority? Which country should be forced to disarm first? Iran or Israel?

The answer is obvious, Mr. Heinonen. If you are not a member of the criminal zionist Borg tribe or an agent paid by Israel, of course.


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