CrossTalk: World Without West


China is doing now what Japan tried to do in 1930s – to build a consolidated Asian political and economic bloc. This is exactly why the main U.S. war effort during WW2 concentrated in Asia-Pacific region and not in Europe. After WW2, the U.S. established a barrier, made of “strategically important countries”, to control both Japanese and Chinese economies, both of which depended on deliveries of oil and natural gas from the Persian Gulf with tankers. South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan made up that barrier.

Then came the 1990s. Greed has caused many western industries to be off-shored to China, where the costs of production were lower and the profits higher. The “restructuring” of western economies, that followed, marked the beginning of the end of western standard of living. China gained access to all western markets and to western technologies, and China saved up the money that they are now using to control the West. But China still needs access to Western markets and needs to sell its products to buyers who have enough money to pay for them. This is why China has been upholding Western economies, while at the same time building the Asia-Pacific bloc and the BRICS.

During this period of time, the “man-made” global warming was invented by “scientist” Al Gore. Kyoto Accords followed. Country after country was making a commitment to lower air and water pollution by a certain year, without introducing new and cleaner technologies. This was done to justify the off-shoring, (as if air and water pollution could somehow be contained within China’s borders). The real reason was greed. Western investors decided to maximize their profits at the expense of western societies. Meanwhile, many scientists observed that surface temperatures of other planets in the Solar System were raising as well as a result of a periodic increase in Sun’s activity.

Today, America is trying to resolve its problems by taking over the remaining energy resources and by provoking a global conflict that will re-write its financial obligations. However, most wars fought by the U.S. and its allies also happen to serve the best interest of Israel and the Greater Israel Project. The question is, “Who is the leader and who is the follower?” Is America using Israel, or is Israel using America? This question forms a clear division line between two distinct groups of so called “progressive media” outlets. One group says, “U.S. is the boss who tells Israel what to do”, and targets the U.S. imperial ambitions for domination in order to whitewash Israel’s crimes and violations of international law; the other blames Israel and the powerful Israeli lobby for leading America to criminal wars with the enemies of Israel’s illegal expansion in the region. The truth lies in between but it is painfully obvious that Israel needs America much more than America needs Israel.

I am not sure how stable and how long-lasting the Sino-Russian strategic alliance will be, after the American and Israeli threats are eliminated. The new multi-polar world may lead to competing interests and new conflicts. I am not optimistic but I am cautiously hopeful that a working formula governing international relations will be found and implemented to preserve peace for the generations of our children and grandchildren. There are more important things to deal with than war. We need to find peaceful ways to reverse the population growth, we need to find new, clean energy sources, and we need to restore our natural environment to a balanced and sustainable state.


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