Israel Bans Norvegian Doctor From Entering Gaza for Life: Reports

Norwegian doctor and activist Mads Gilbert, who has treated Palestinians in the Gaza strip for over 30 years, has been banned for life from entering the Palestinian exclave by Israeli authorities, VG reported Friday.

“Dr. Gilbert’s entry to Gaza was denied by the security authorities for security reasons… This has nothing to do with Gilbert’s anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic statements,” a spokesperson for the Israeli Coordination of Government activities in the territories (COGAT) was cited as saying by the Norwegian newspaper. The spokesperson refrained from elaborating what these security reasons may be.

According to the newspaper, Gilbert was barred from returning to Gaza in October to work at the Shifa hospital, where he was stationed during Israel’s military offensive against Gaza in the summer. /…/

In his comments to the newspaper Gilbert slammed the Israeli authorities’ decision.

“When a pen, a camera and a stethoscope become a security threat, we are facing a regime that fears only one thing: the truth,” Gilbert told VG.

“At first I became really sad. Then the rage grew. It is provocative, unreasonable and totally unacceptable… I have never done anything wrong in Israel. I have never broken any Israeli laws or security regulations,” he said.     Read More…

Obama-Gilbert Nobel Peace Prize

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