Anonymous to RT: ‘Internet has power to bring down regimes’

Comment: It’s true, this movement is too well-organized, too well-coordinated, well-funded, and it has fingerprints of previous “revolutions” all over it. In the Fall of 1980, Lech Walesa, the leader of Polish “Solidarity” movement, declared, “We are not against communism; we are against deformations of communism.” As we see here, Anonymous “wants to fight government corruption, company wrongdoing, expanding surveillance…” – mostly the symptoms and system deformations, not the causes and the system itself.

Allegedly “leaderless” Anonymous movement is supported by people who strongly popularize it and openly call for a revolution. If the Christ-like figure Russell Brand was seriously threatening today’s elites, he would have already had a car accident or a widely spread cancer cells in his stomach, or he would have committed suicide in his apartment. No doubt about that. But the power of popular symbols is hard to resist. It mobilizes masses. Remember the Blessed Virgin Mary button Walesa was wearing in the flap of his jacket? 

Please remember that fixing the system does not mean bringing down the elites. What we see here may well be a “controlled revolution” engineered by the elites to pre-empt and sidetrack the real revolution, to vent popular anger, and to escape with their loot. The real test will come with the “new” system.

  • Will it nationalize the banks, the fiscal and monetary policies?
  • Will it fairly tax corporations?
  • Will it confiscate and re-distribute the wealth stolen from the people by the elites?
  • Will it reverse the privatization of natural resources and public property?
  • Will it restore real democracy?
  • Will it reform the election mechanisms?
  • Will it restore government regulations and control of the markets to protect the consumers from monopolization and price gouging?
  • Will full-time jobs, with good benefits and paid holidays, be resored?
  • Will offshoring and outsourcing be reversed?
  • Will the attacks on religions end?
  • Will the attacks on traditional culture, patriotism, and traditional family model end?
  • Will the demoralization of our youth end?
  • Will it restore free education, universal health care, social programs, and other human rights?
  • Will it stop the wars and recall all military units to their own soil?

These are just a few key issues, if the “revolution” is going to change the system for the benefit of the people.

Agendas popularized by people like Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald, with help of The Guardian and other highly professional projects, for example the surveillance and the privacy issues, as well as the austerity, may be purposely created and overblown to give the revolution something to fight for and to provide a sense of victory that will make the “normalization” easier, afterwards.

For now, let’s watch these “leaders”, formulate our demands and expectations, and define the goals of this movement, before it is used to strengthen the elites and their control over public domain one more time.


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