Over 1,100 killed, 3,500 wounded in E.Ukraine op, civilian toll climbs daily


Recent videos from Ukraine…

…made by Donetsk news agencies and the Donetsk Republic self-defense forces in SE Ukraine, showing actual situation on the civil war front, civilian casualties, damage to civilian infrastructure, and Ukrainians demonstrating against draft and mobilization of their sons to Ukrainian army. Most of these videos are in Ukrainian or Russian but pictures tell the stories:

Comment The above authentic videos were taken in SE Ukraine during the last two days. They clearly show that the self-defence forces are not Russians, but instead, are local residents who formed armed militias. They want “out” of Ukraine, which is now being ruled by a neo-Nazi Kiev clique, spondored by the US, that overthrew the democratically elected president and government in a bloody and unconstitutional way.

Like most people in SE Ukraine, the self-defense forces are ethnically Russian Ukrainian citizens. The accusations that they are being armed and supported by Russia are preposterous, especially when made by the U.S.A., a country that has been arming, training, financing, and supporting terrirists, neo-Nazi skinheads, foreign mercenaries, death squads, and common criminals, and using them to overthrow democratically elected governments in targeted sovereign countries. This was the case in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, to name just a few recent cases. This was also the case in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and almost any place on earth that the greedy imperialists want to exploit for thier own profit.

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