CrossTalk: Gaza’s grief

YouTube comment by Lech Bigelski: —

In response to the first comment by the very confused Martin Van Creveld (a good Jewish name, BTW): –

Sir, this particular war did not start in 2014, so don’t blame Hamas for starting it. As to your claim that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, read the statement of the UN representative of Yemen, here: . I have been pointing to this statement over and over but stubborn guys like you act as pre-recorded zombies, repeating their mantra without giving any thought to opposite arguments or to historical facts. Typical collective Borg mentality – (“You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”)

The alleged credentials in history should be taken away from you.

Clearly, the goal of Israel is ethnic cleansing and annexation of the occupied territories, not peace talks. A country that wants to achieve peace and a two-state solution would not build illegal settlements and would not transfer its civilian population to territories it occupies – in violation of Art. 49 of the IV Geneva Convention of 1949. See HERE.

In conclusion: – Martin, you shut up and stop insulting our intelligence! Oh, you just did? Good. Thank you! 


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