Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad

glazyev…It is this same Glazyev who published an article in Russian Argumenty Nedeli, in which he outlined a plan for “undermining the economic strength of the US” in order to force Washington to stop the civil war in Ukraine. Glazyev believes that the only way of making the US give up its plans on starting a new cold war is to crash the dollar system. /…/

Glazyev’s set of countermeasures specifically targets the core strength of the US war machine, i.e. the Fed’s printing press. Putin’s advisor proposes the creation of a “broad anti-dollar alliance” of countries willing and able to drop the dollar from their international trade. Members of the alliance would also refrain from keeping the currency reserves in dollar-denominated instruments. Glazyev advocates treating positions in dollar-denominated instruments like holdings of junk securities and believes that regulators should require full collateralization of such holdings. An anti-dollar coalition would be the first step for the creation of an anti-war coalition that can help stop the US’ aggression.

Unsurprisingly, Sergey Glazyev believes that the main role in the creation of such a political coalition is to be played by the European business community because America’s attempts to ignite a war in Europe and a cold war against Russia are threatening the interests of big European business.    Read More…

Comment:  It may be impossible to avoid war.

I admire Russian diplomats for trying to avoid major military confrontation with the West, triggered by the developments in Ukraine. However, this may not be enough to maintain peace.

Considering that the US is deliberately pushing for a global war as a means to reverse the economic collapse, the pretext will be found, whether Russia wants it or not. A false flag operation followed by a first strike nuclear attack may surprise everybody.

Therefore, Russia should continue its peaceful efforts but its priority should be to prepare for war rather than to hope that it can be avoided. The West will try to follow “the script” and Russia should be aware of it.

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