A Fourth Reich is already under Construction in Ukraine


The main war being waged against Russia today is a psychological one that uses disinformation to shape not only the political convictions, but also the entire world view of a nation. Experts call this a «war of consciousness» that targets a certain way of seeing the world.

When PACE adopted a resolution a few years ago that assigned equal levels of guilt to the USSR and Nazi Germany for their roles in unleashing WWII, it became clear that the West was preparing to rehabilitate Nazism. When and if that finally happens, criticizing Nazism will become a criminal act, and the statement «Hitler was Stalinism’s biggest victim» will be one of the provisions of that new ideology.

Events in Ukraine provide clear evidence that the first phase in the rehabilitation of Nazism set in motion by the West is now complete… The Ukrainian phenomenon is unique in the fact that here the new Nazism surfaced as a monumental chimera unifying the Nazis, Zionists, liberals, occultists, ecumenists, papists, and Protestants. They march under many different masks and ideological banners, but in essence they are the same. Regardless of their formal affiliation to a particular faith, party, or sect, they all have the same vision for a future world order and for the methods needed to build it. And they have the same religion: a religion of absolute power that relies on a system in which each has his preordained spot and scrap of property (of course some get the fat while others get the lean).    Read More…

Comment: There is no need to try to find a label that represents all the wrongs in modern human history. It is not fascism, or nazism, or communism, or stalinism, or neocon-ism, or religious fundamentalism. It’s zionism. Zionism uses different masks to reach its evil goal of achieving total control and taking over the world. Judging by the massive and overwhelming support for this project by highly disciplined members of the real fifth column of today’s world, the question of  negative eugenics should be objectively investigated. If we fail to break through the “political correctness” on this issue, the entire Earth will become one giant Gaza Strip.


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