Historic Deal Signed! Russia, China seal $400bn gas contract


Comment:   This deal changes the face of the Earth, literally. Think of all the costs and efforts undertaken by the US to control the sea routes and delivery of oil from Persian Gulf to Japan and China. The Korean War, the Vietnam War, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan… all the investments in these “strategically important” places. All gone, lost, wasted. Good job Obama, well done Kerry!

It is hard to believe that this new Cold War has not been planned and orchestrated by the world’s elites, the oligarchs, the investors. The result was so predictable that only completely incompetent governments would blindly walk into this trap. More likely – the West has become too expensive and the investors decided to move their business to Euro-Asia where the costs are lower and the profits higher. The conflict was created, the leaders went along. The new Russia-China alliance is a foundation of this new reality. It marks the end of the American Empire and prosperity of all its satellites.

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