Russia’s Moves: Outlawing GMO and Putin’s Holy Grail Gas Deal with China

economyUS and EU sanctions backfire: Russia outlaws GMO, replaces Visa and Mastercard, signs gas and high speed railroad deals with China.

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American sanctions are beginning to bite… Western economies. The outcome looks grim. Incredible incompetence and corruption of Western leadership and elites is being exposed. The end of looting, speculation, hypocrisy, lies, and crimes against peace is possible. Doing nothing will destroy our countries and the future of our children.

People in the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and other European states should form an international organization with the goal of regime change and change of the political and economic system in their countries. They should: nationalize all banks and major media outlets; reclaim and recapture national wealth stolen by banks and the elites; rebuild national industries; restore consumer protection, anti-monopoly laws, market regulation and fair taxation of corporations; restore environmental regulations; restore full national ownership of resources and markets; restore quality education, health care, recreation, social programs, and human rights; outlaw all NGOs and other so called “think tanks” attempting to circumvent democracy and replace it with plutocracy; remove from power all compromised politicians, neocons, Zionists, and others who openly push for war and support criminal atrocities locally or abroad.

People should make sure that their politicians work instead of privatising, outsourcing, and offshoring, and that they spend taxpayers money on policies and programs accepted by the taxpayers – this includes foreign policy and war efforts. People should make sure that lobbying, political financial contributions, political associations, election mechanisms, political fund-raising and other undemocratic practices be replaced by national mechanisms that allow equality in grassroots elections of authentic and competent representatives of the society. People should stop the governments from violating our privacy and spying by domestic and foreign agencies on our communications, internet activities, our social networks, and other private activities. People should also make sure that the judiciary is politically impartial and ethnically diverse, that it always represents the best interest of ordinary people and their environment, and that law enforcement agencies serve and protect communities instead of controlling and threatening them. We need to go back to basics and repair the damage. We need to reclaim our countries and our rights. We need to elect politicians that are honestly representing us, that govern with dignity and moral integrity. Finally, we need to develop mechanisms to recall politicians that don’t meet these criteria.

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