Canada Targets Russia

lendman_small…Canadian lawlessness includes participation in US-led NATO’s 1999 Yugoslavia raping. Ottawa is a US coalition of the willing partner. It was part of Washington’s war on Afghanistan. It helped America selectively against Iraq. It actively participated in Obama’s Libyan aggression. Harper ignores rule of law principles. He’s mindless of democratic rights. He supports Obama’s war on Syria. He endorses lawless drone strikes. He’s comfortable about Washington’s globalized torture black sites. Police state laws don’t trouble him. He’s in lockstep with the worst of Washington’s imperial agenda.

He’s part of US-led NATO’s anti-Russian alliance. He supports illegitimate Kiev fascist putschists. He’s in bed with some of the worst societal misfits. He calls them his new friends. They include neo-Nazi extremists. They’re ideologically over-the-top. They threaten regional peace. They risk open conflict. Harper matches Obama’s belligerence. He supports hardline measures. He wants Russia marginalized, weakened and isolated.

Last month, he said Putin has “no desire to be a partner.” He supports “rivalry” instead, he claimed. He twisted truth saying so. He’s part of Obama’s plan to plunder Ukraine for profit. He supports making it another Western colony. He wants it geopolitically annexed. He wants it economically looted. He wants its people ruthlessly exploited. He wants Canadian business interests served. His predecessor Paul Martin supported Bush’s Orange Revolution.

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