William HagueToday, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has urged further sanctions against Russia, claiming that Moscow was responsible for the anti-Maidan protests in southeastern Ukraine: – “There can’t really be any real doubt that this is something that has been planned and brought about by Russia,” Hague said. “I don’t think denials of Russian involvement have a shred of credibility.”

So whaaaat?! There also isn’t any doubt that NATO was (admittedly) responsible for the Maidan protests in Kiev. Russia merely responded to the mess created by NATO and to the call for help by local the population. Call it humanitarian intervention. NATO started this conflict and is now trying to blame Russia for the results.

Here is the point: If Hague recognizes the new Kiev “government” as legitimate, he should also recognize the protests in Crimea and South-East Ukraine as legitimate. Exactly the same thing.

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