Europe: Growing Resistance to US Ukraine Policy

EU-US-flags…The European Union has nothing to do but find a common ground with Russia if it wants to tackle the issue of Ukraine. Moscow should remember that the «old continent» lacks a leader which could speak for the whole Europe while discussing the problem. At first Europeans should learn to speak with one voice. It’s not that easy. Great Britain has a vision of its own, the French approach differs from the one adopted by Germany, Poland constantly repeats it has a «special role» to play…etc.

The participation of European Union in the talks on Ukraine looks abstract. Europeans have already forgotten that it was Euro-integration that sparked unrest in Kiev. The only thing the European delegation can do is pretend to make believe it has a consolidated stance. But it would not suit Germany. It wants to leave the crisis behind without damaging its relations with Russia and preserving the clout it has in Eastern Europe. It cannot reach the goal while closely cooperating with Americans. It’s time for those European politicians who really can lead to start acting independently scrutinizing the US policy through the prism of their own interests.

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