Russia faces “costs” if it further destabilizes Ukraine: Kerry

kerry1Any further Russian efforts to destabilize Ukraine will incur costs for Russia, U.S. State Secretary John Kerry warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday.

Kerry told Lavrov in a phone call that the United States is watching events over the past 24 hours in eastern Ukraine with ” great concern” and noted that these “do not appear to be a spontaneous set of events,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a press briefing.

Noting Ukraine’s assertion that the events “appeared to be a carefully orchestrated campaign with Russian support,” Kerry urged Russia to “publicly disavow the activities of separatists, saboteurs and provocateurs,” according to Psaki.

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int_lawComment:  This is an absolutely unbelivable hypocrisy. It was the US and EU that destabilized Ukraine with the view of a regime change. It is Russia that attempts to stabilize it. It seems that Kerry’s words are exactly opposite to the true facts. Kerry is reversing the situation and accusing Russia of what the US and EU have done. A pretty childish strategy. Kerry should remember that lies have short legs – they don’t walk very far.

Kerry should also know that Russia has vital security interests that involve NATO’s movement eastward and that Russia will not sit idly when this happens. It looks that Kerry and his sponsors are deliberately trying to trigger WW3. A friendly reminder to Mr. Kerry: In each war, there is a chance that you will lose – in which case, you will have an honor to take part in a new Nuremberg trial. DO NOT push the world to another war – you will be held responsible for it.

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