‘Kiev leaders took power with Right Sector’s help, but now afraid of them’

There might be more to it. The Right Sector was needed to overthrow the government but it was opposed to Ukrainian membership in the EU. The Coalition of Batkivshchyna (Fatherland), Svoboda, and UDAR parties support the membership of Ukraine in the EU. Consequently, we have a conflict between the various factions of the EuroMaidan. This conflict is internationalized – with the West supporting those who want to joint the EU, and Russia supporting those who don’t.

Therefore, it is likely that Western special operations target the Right Sector. Russia could also be targeting the Right Sector, as it is extremely Rusophobic and ideologically inconvenient due to its openly fascist inclinations. However, Russia may be assuming a neutral position and waiting for this conflict to develop. It could benefit Russia in many different ways.


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