Webster Tarpley on the World Crisis Radio

TarpleyNew Ukraine IMF Puppet Regime a Zoo of Fascists, Racists, Anti-Semites, Thugs; Finlandization Offers Best Way Out of Crisis; RT Dissidents Need to Get Their Moral Compasses Fixed

Webster G. Tarpley (Ph.D.) – World Crisis Radio

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4 Responses to Webster Tarpley on the World Crisis Radio

  1. agrudzinsky says:

    Again, read this.


    I’m closely following news in Ukraine from Ukrainian sources – official, non-official, social networks, personal contacts in Kiev and Lviv. The extremists throwing Molotoff cocktails in the videos are NOT represented in the government. The government was appointed by the vast majority of the elected parliament of Ukraine. Yatsenyuk (the new prime-minister) is an ethnic Jew. What antisemitism are you talking about?

    How come you hate Ukraine so much? What’s in it for you?

  2. agrudzinsky says:

    Here is what Ukrainian rabbis say about “antisemitism” in Ukraine:


    They say this outsider Ukraine. They don’t say this at a gun point, do they?

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