Did a threat to public safety in Ukraine exist, was Russian peace mission justified?

Some of those who helped the current Kiev government into power, are already vowing to turn against the new authorities. Radical militant leader Aleksadndr Muzychko is seen in this video reacting to the Interior Minister’s pledge to investigate his recent actions. Muzychko is known for his anti-semitic and neo-nazi views, as well as for fighting against Russian troops in the Chechen campaign in the 1990s:

And here is a breathtaking example of justice being done by the residents of Khariv, a city in Eastern Ukraine with a predominantly Russian population. This gang of the Right Sector neonazis was caught sneaking into Kharkiv on March 2nd. Civilian residents of the city have identified them, disarmed them, and forced them to kneel and pledge loyalty before the people of Ukraine. A really moving video, showing determination, but also real restaraint on the part of the residents of Kharkiv:


I sincerely hope that this scene will convince the U.S. State Department to discontinue the primitive practice of stirring unrests in sovereign countries in order to force a regime change. This is not working anymore. Ordinary people are becoming smarther than Kerry, Nuland, and the rest of the incompetent American strategists, Obama included.


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3 Responses to Did a threat to public safety in Ukraine exist, was Russian peace mission justified?

  1. agrudzinsky says:

    I’d like to repeat my response to you in another post that Muzychko in this video is harassing and threatening the new Ukrainian authorities and threatens to kill the new Ukrainian interior minister for promising to prosecute him. Apparently, he is not affiliated with the new Ukrainian government. He is a threat to all Ukraine including the new government and, I’m sure, Ukrainians will take care of him soon.

    The teenage thugs caught in Kharkov have been hired to do what they did. The question is, by whom? It could be the U.S., but it could be Russia as well. Again, they do not represent anyone from the new government in Ukraine.

    On February 19, there was a coordinated attack on several police departments in Lviv. Some weapons were seized which, most likely, ended up on Maidan by February 20th. Most likely, this incident contributed to sabotaging the people’s movement on Maidan and turning unarmed protests into a blood bath. The attacks happened simultaneously and appeared to be coordinated. The youngsters, likely, know nothing about who hired them. My relatives in Lviv report that this was an isolated act. There is no violence against Russians in Western Ukraine, as one might expect. The streets are safe.

    As you can see, Ukrainians are quite capable of taking care of these thugs themselves, without Russian “help”. It’s amazing how Ukrainian citizens are able to restrain themselves from violence against these thugs.

  2. agrudzinsky says:

    Your video from Kharkiv looks authentic and convincing. But what about this account? (I realize, it’s from a pro-Western source). Radio Svoboda was known as a source of pro-Western propaganda since Brezhnev’s era.


    In the first video, a witness of events in Kharkiv from last Saturday says that Maidan protesters entered the administrative building in Kharkiv to find refuge from a pro-Russian crowd. They were “women and children” who were fed up living under corrupt government. It is mentioned that a man who raised Russian flag over the building was found to be a resident of Moscow, linked to Russian neonazis.

    The second video shows Russian-speaking street fighters with sticks and pistols trying to get these people out in a rather violent manner. I’m not sure if the video in liveleaks and this video refer to the same episode. The second video seems to be heavily edited whereas the video in liveleaks does look authentic and unedited.

    • agrudzinsky says:

      My friends in Kiev and other Ukrainian sources of information confirm that the incident in Kharkiv video refers to the events of last Saturday that I described. This was an episode of violence of pro-Russian crowd over the protesters who tried to find refuge in the administrative building. The sources also say that the pro-Russian hooligans arrived from Russia in buses and fled right after hanging the flag over the administration.

      If you watched today’s press conference with Putin, he is not extatic over raising Russian flags on Ukrainian administrative buildings. He likes to follow the law (at least, that’s what he says). I don’t believe, there will be war with Russia. All the rhetoric from the West seems to be empty.

      The man in the video above is Alexander Muzychko. He is from Rivne which is in Western Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities are now investigating him. I wonder how this will end because this man was involved in Maidan violence and has the aura of “Maidan hero”. Some Ukrainian sources report that he is financed by the local corrupt chief of police to “help” maintain order in the city, but he, eventually, terrorizes the people and the government alike. Here is a Ukrainian article saying that Ukrainian government is prosecuting this guy as a criminal.


      I have reports that things are very peaceful in Ukraine – the East, the West, Kiev, and Crimea. 140,000 refugees “fleeing” Ukraine is a lie.

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