Did a threat to public safety in Ukraine exist, was Russian peace mission justified?

Some of those who helped the current Kiev government into power, are already vowing to turn against the new authorities. Radical militant leader Aleksadndr Muzychko is seen in this video reacting to the Interior Minister’s pledge to investigate his recent actions. Muzychko is known for his anti-semitic and neo-nazi views, as well as for fighting against Russian troops in the Chechen campaign in the 1990s:

And here is a breathtaking example of justice being done by the residents of Khariv, a city in Eastern Ukraine with a predominantly Russian population. This gang of the Right Sector neonazis was caught sneaking into Kharkiv on March 2nd. Civilian residents of the city have identified them, disarmed them, and forced them to kneel and pledge loyalty before the people of Ukraine. A really moving video, showing determination, but also real restaraint on the part of the residents of Kharkiv:


I sincerely hope that this scene will convince the U.S. State Department to discontinue the primitive practice of stirring unrests in sovereign countries in order to force a regime change. This is not working anymore. Ordinary people are becoming smarther than Kerry, Nuland, and the rest of the incompetent American strategists, Obama included.


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