Is Ukraine Drifting Toward Civil War And Great Power Confrontation?

Paul-Craig-RobertsThe assumption that man is a rational animal is incorrect. He and she are emotional creatures, not Dr. Spock of Star Trek. Humans are brainwashed by enculturation and indoctrination. Patriots respond with hostility toward criticisms of their governments, their countries, their hopes and their delusions. Their emotions throttle facts, should any reach them. Aspirations and delusions prevail over truth. Most people want to be told what they want to hear. Consequently, they are always gullible and their illusions and self-delusions make them easy victims of propaganda. This is true of all levels of societies and of the leaders themselves.

We are witnessing this today in western Ukraine where a mixture of witless university students, pawns in Washington’s drive for world hegemony, together with paid protesters and fascistic elements among ultra-nationalists are bringing great troubles upon Ukraine and perhaps a deadly war upon the world.

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7 Responses to Is Ukraine Drifting Toward Civil War And Great Power Confrontation?

  1. agrudzinsky says:

    I am an ethnic Russian who grew up in Lviv, Ukraine. Russians are not persecuted in Western Ukraine. “Paid protesters” and “fascist elements” are the pro-Russian demonstrators who seize airports and government buildings in Crimea, hang flags of a foreign country on Ukrainian government buildings and create a pretext for Putin to start a war against Ukraine, an independent country. Imagine Mexicans hanging Mexican flags on U.S. government buildings and calling to Mexico to “protect their interests”. Please, note that Ukrainians, either citizens or the government do not respond to these actions with any violence.

    The nationalist “neonazis” which you mention are a tiny fraction of Ukrainians. Their behaviors and antics are blown up out of proportion by Russian propaganda causing hysteria in Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine who have never been to Western regions.

  2. autor says:

    Have you heard about the Wolyn Massacre committed by the Bandera units? The nationalist “neonazis” are indeed a small fraction of the Ukrainian population and therefore it is not acceptable that they have succeeded in overthrowing, by force, the democratically elected government and president of the country. They emulate the traditions of the Bandera movement and have issued warnings to those in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine who did just what they did – took over the parliament and established their own government. They have even called on international terrorists to hit Russia and Russians living in Ukraine. You cannot accept their actions and reject essentially the same , but more peaceful, actions of the Russian population. Over 60 percent of the population of Crimea are Russians. Is Russia right to be concerned about the safety of Russians in Southern and Eastern Ukraine? Sure it is.

    • agrudzinsky says:

      This is 2014. Volyn massacre was in 1943. It was WWII. Whose hands were not red with blood in those times?

      Yanukovich was not overthrown by UNA-UNSO. After he declared people in the streets to be “terrorists” and allowed to use weapons against him, he turned himself against Ukrainian people. He was ousted not by a small group of violent protesters, but by the majority of democratically elected Verhovna Rada (Congress of Ukraine). The revolution was done under the blue-and-yellow flag of Ukraine, not under the black-and-red flag of the right-wing extremists. These extremists have very little popular or political support in Ukraine.

      Yes, these right-wing extremists do emulate the traditions of Bandera. However, they are a tiny minority of political forces in Ukraine. You cannot look at political situation in Ukraine in such one-sided way. I may agree regarding the hypocrisy of the U.S. using rhetoric to condemn Russia for attempts to protect its citizens because the U.S. does the same all around the world. But if you think that listening to Putin’s propaganda you get “the other side of the story”, you are mistaken. Russian propaganda machine is bent on misrepresenting the events in Ukraine. They focus only on episodes of extremism. The general picture is far from being violent. There are no reports of ethnic violence from Kiev, Western Ukraine or Crimea. I have not seen any in the media. My friends and family living there confirm it. The whole “problem” of the hostility towards Russians in Ukraine is made-up. There is hostility towards actions of Russian government towards Ukraine. But let’s not confuse Russian government with Russian people. Judging by your post, Russian government has, certainly, succeeded in slandering Ukraine. The revolution was not against Russians. It was against the corrupt government of Yanukovich which was selling Ukraine to the highest bidder.

      You mention yourself that only 60% of Crimean population are ethnic Russians, but citizens of Ukraine. Many ethnic Russians in Crimea want to live in Ukraine and not in Russia. Why are the separatists raising flags of a foreign country on their administrative buildings and welcoming the army of a foreign country in their land? There is enough of Ukrainian forces to stop violence against them (if there is any of which I have not heard). What about 40% of non-Russian population? Should they have a voice regarding what flag should be over their government buildings?

    • agrudzinsky says:

      Is Russia right to be concerned about the safety of Russians in Southern and Eastern Ukraine? Sure it is.

      As I said, there is no threat to safety of Russians in Ukraine. West and South of Ukraine has a majority of Russian-speaking population. Who would commit violence against them? Ukrainian extremist organizations have no base or support in those regions. If there are reports of violence from these regions, that’s violence of Russians against supporters of the revolution. Safety of Russians is a pretext for Putin. His real concern is that Ukraine would strategically move to the West, and Russia would lose its economic and political influence over Ukraine. It’s a tug of war between Russia and the West in which Ukraine is being torn apart, not the internal politics in Ukraine.

      • autor says:

        I don’t know where you are taking your information from but you are obviously wrong on the violence and safety issue. Just see this video of one of the Kiev “revolutionaries”. This guy, and others in the new Kiev “authorities”, have also issued threats against the Russian population in Crimea:

        BTW, it’s the East and South, not the West and South of Ukraine that have a majority of ethnically Russian population.

  3. agrudzinsky says:

    I read your article again. You write very well regarding the dangers of indoctrination and propaganda. However, in my view, indoctrination and propaganda these days comes from Russian media. I read Ukrainian news and I see no anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine. There is a concern regarding Russian aggression in Ukraine, but no hostility. Whereas, Russian media is full of anti-Ukrainian messages, half of which are outright lies. For example, they made a report of mass “exodus” of Ukrainians seeking asylum in Russia illustrating it with a video of a line of cars to the border gate. The name of the town on the border gate turns out to be on Ukrainian border with Poland, not with Russia. This is just a small example.

    • autor says:

      We can argue forever. Have you seen the thousands of people greeting Russian soldiers in the streets? Have you seen the demonstrations in support of the Russian intervention in Simferopol, Sevastopol, and Odessa – now spreading to Eastern Ukraine?

      The bottom line is this:

      1. The Majdan revolt was extremely violent. It was sponsored and paid for by the U.S. and other Western allies. A small group of radical hooligans has removed the president and government that were democratically elected by the majority of Ukrainians.

      2. The way in which democracy in Ukraine should work is prescribed in the Ukrainian Constitution. The Constitution does not make provisions for what had occured in Kiev. Therefore, the new “government” is unconstitutional and illegal.

      3. If you recognize the Kiev government as legitimate, then you also have to recognize the new government in Crimea as legitimate. This new government in Crimea has asked Russia for military assistance to ensure security of local ethnically Russian majority and to protect the new government of Crimea. Russian majority in Crimea was violently confronted by the Tatar minority, so there was a hostility. Kiev has sent armed “troops” of hooligans to Simferopol. They attempted to take over the Interior Ministry building but were neutralized.

      Of course, there is a lot of propaganda in the media on the situation in Ukraine. I have heard and read reports about the threats issued by the Kiev “revolutionaries” against the new government in Crimea. However, I have not seen any report on the alleged hostilities by Russian army. The only reason why the Kiev mob is not attacking the Russian population in Ukraine is the presence of Russian soldiers. So far, they play a stabilizing role. If not attacked or provoked, Crimea will remain peaceful. By the will of the people, Ukraine will probably be partitioned.

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