US, Russia Divided on Syria as G20 Summit Ends

putin_obamaST. PETERSBURG, September 6 (RIA Novosti, Howard Amos) – The final day of the G20 summit in Russia on Friday did not see any significant narrowing of the split in the international community over US calls for a military strike on Syria, despite talks that stretched into the early hours of the morning.

The positions of US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin did not appear to change over the two-day summit, which is traditionally a forum for economic questions but this year has been dominated by the Syrian crisis.

In a press conference Friday, a visibly tired Putin reiterated his opposition to military intervention in the crisis without the support of the United Nations Security Council, and repeated his belief that fatal chemical weapons attacks in Syria, which Obama says were carried out by the ruling regime, were actually planned provocations.

“We do not agree,” Putin said after talks with Obama. “I do not agree with his arguments, and he does not agree with mine.”

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