How We Can Solve the Palestinian Israeli Problem (Official Version)

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  1. The Political Pixie says:

    The two most logical solutions are either a one-state or a two-state answer. Well, could there be a one state-solution? Could this work? If we turn to a successful example, it seems promising. Apartheid tore South Africa in two for over a century, and many thought that it would never end. However, the ANC battled astronomical odds and finally achieved freedom for their country in 1994. This was largely due to the courage and determination of one man: Nelson Mandela. Is that the answer then? Do Palestinians need a great leader, someone who will never give up, who will refuse under any circumstances to be defeated, to tackle their oppressor and win freedom in a united Israel? Perhaps it is. There is no doubt, however, that Mahmoud Abbas is not this man. An ever-widening gulf is tearing open between Abbas and his people and Israeli-Palestinian relations seem to be no better than they were 60 years ago.

    And of a two-state solution? President Obama has stressed many times this is his stance, to have a separate, independent Israel and Palestine. We seemed to have moved much closer to such a solution in September 2011. Abbas made an impressive speech to the UN, admitting Palestine was wrong to have rejected the Partition Plan of 1948, and they wanted to finally establish peace by becoming a full member of the UN with the borders as they were before the 1967 Six-Day War and the Israeli occupation. Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets in celebration, truly believing that this was the beginnings of peace. But the bid came to nothing, blocked largely by diplomatic pressure from the United States, Israel’s strongest ally. And once again, hopes were destroyed.

    Whether the Palestinian people can find within them a leader strong enough to lead Israel to unity, or Israel can find in itself the humility to concede some of [not]* their land so that an independent Palestine can emerge, the ultimate goal of all nations should be the end to oppression, the end to suffering, and the triumph of perpetual peace.

    The Political Pixie
    *[suggested correction]

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