Is schoolhouse slaughter a tipping point for US gun reform?

Mass shootings at American high schools, colleges, movie theaters and workplaces over the past 15 years have done little to impact public opinion or national policy on gun control in the United States.

But the scope of revulsion and outrage over the execution style slaughter of 20 children and six adults by a lone gunman at a Connecticut elementary school last Friday has many Americans asking whether the massacre marks a tipping point in the national debate over gun rights.

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“I have wondered what went wrong, when I heard on the radio the statement made by the chief of police investigating this incident, in which he threatened witnesses with prosecution, if they shared on social media what they had seen. This was unusual and it sounded like an attempt to silence the witnesses. Usually, police asks the public for help. Here, it looks like a cover-up operation rather than an impartial investigation.”

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