The 67th Session of the UN General Assembly

General Debate

Syrian Arab Republic
H.E. Mr. Walid Al-Moualem
Minister of Foreign Affairs

For more than a year, his country had been facing organized terrorism that led to bombings, assassinations and massacres, as well as looting and sabotage activities that horrified citizens in many parts of Syria.  Citing a recent bombing, which had taken place just last week and for which responsibility had been claimed by a terrorist group, he said that it was no surprise that the Security Council had failed to condemn that act.  That terrorism was, in fact, externally supported, and was accompanied by “unprecedented media provocation” based on igniting religious extremism.  Some States in the region either turned a blind eye to the situation, or provided active material and logistical support for armed terrorist groups.  “These facts make me question whether this international consensus by our States on combating terrorism was serious, or was it just merely ink on paper?”  In that context, he noted the “explicit request of the United States” that the armed terrorist groups not surrender their arms in response to amnesty decrees issued by the Syrian leadership.  He also wondered to what extent the statements of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States and France — which clearly induced support for terrorism in Syria — were in line with the international responsibilities of those States in combating terrorism. /…/ ” — (Source)

Speaking about a recent bombing for which a terrorist group associated with Al-Qaeda took responsibility, Al-Moualem added, “…and there is no surprise that the Security Council has failed to condemn this and other terrorist bombings because some of its members support these acts.”


H.E. Mr. John Baird
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Baird’s speech was at the grade 7 public speaking contest level. Slogans and sources quoted out of context, out of touch with reality.

In context of “…blocking the forces of instability…” Baird said,
– “The crisis in Syria is a real test of this organization’s ability to achieve results. While the brutal and oppressive regime of Bashar Hafez al-Assad continues the slaughter of its own people, United Nations has failed to impose binding sanctions that would stem the crimson tide of this bloody assault.”

What a puppet. As a Foreign Minister, Baird’s job is to know the facts, not to spread false propaganda. He failed to properly respond to the real situation in Syria, where terrorists, criminals, and foreign mercenaries commit atrocities leading to massacres, looting, and destruction. He failed to observe that these criminals and terrorists are financed, trained, armed and encouraged by Canada’s allies in order to destabilize Syria and force a regime change in that country. He failed to remember that such efforts are illegal. He failed to protest agaist this evil. Consequently, he is cooperating with the criminals and terrorists. He failed to mention that Syria’s government is responsible for maintaining law and order in the country.

Baird has conveniently forgotten that the Canadian government has also used its armed forces to bring down the Rebellions of 1837, the 1869 Red River Rebellion, the October Crisis of 1970, and the Mohawk armed blockade during the Oka crisis in 1990. This is exactly what Assad is doing and the same criteria should apply.

Russian Federation (The)
H.E. Mr. Sergey V. Lavrov
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Turning to Syria, he said his country’s consistent calls to compel the Government and its opponents immediately to end the violence and elaborate a compromise on the pace of reforms was the substance of the Action Group’s Geneva communiqué.  The Russian Government had proposed that the Security Council adopt a resolution endorsing the communiqué as the basis for negotiations at the start of a transition period, but it had been blocked amid insistence that only the Government cease hostilities, while extremists, including Al-Qaida grew more active.  Condemning violence from whatever origin, he called for practical steps, starting with a comprehensive ceasefire, the release of prisoners and hostages, and the supply of humanitarian aid.  “This will create conditions to start an inter-Syrian dialogue,” he said. — (Source)

Lavrov added,

“The final goal of the efforts to settle a conflict is to ensure the right to life and other fundamental human rights: political, economic and social. The events of the recent years confirm that without lasting peace and sustainable development, it is impossible to ensure human rights. In its turn, the protection of human rights should contribute to security and development of people rather than serve as a pretext for illegal interference in the domestic affairs of States.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone is entitled to an international order in which their rights can be fully realized. Those who use military force and sanctions bypassing the UN Charter or engage in illicit supplies of arms, or whitewash terrorists grossly violate this right.”

(Full text of Lavrov’s statement)

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