Harper urges Putin to help end Syria bloodshed

(Yahoo! News) — Prime Minister Stephen Harper used a meeting at the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Russia to urge that country’s President Vladimir Putin to be less obstructive towards ending the bloodshed and violence in Syria. /…/

“Obviously, Mr Putin has his own perspective — but I urge Russia to play a more positive role than it’s been playing,” Harper said after the meeting ended.

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Somehow Harper is not concerned with NATO countries financing, training, and arming the terrorist death squads and foreign mercenaries operating in Syria and committing atrocities in order to destabilize Syria and provide a pretext for “humanitarian bombing” aimed at a regime change. Harper’s hypocrisy is embarrassing and, in fact, criminal.

Harper has forgotten that the Canadian government has also used its armed forces to bring down the Rebellions of 1837, the 1869 Red River Rebellion, the October Crisis of 1970, and the Mohawk armed blockade during the Oka crisis in 1990. This is exactly what Assad is doing and the same criteria should apply.


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