Romney says he would ‘respect the right of Israel to defend itself’

Mitt Romney on Sunday gingerly took a step back from the comments of one of his top foreign policy advisers, who said the presumptive Republican nominee would “respect” a decision by Israel to launch a unilateral military strike against Iran.

“I’ll use my own words, and that is I respect the right of Israel to defend itself, and we stand with Israel,” Romney said in Israel, during an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”    Read More…


“…it is a paradox and surprising that this outrageous war declared by Israel against a people under occupation for four decades is justified under legitimate self-defence.

“How can the occupier say, when the occupation itself is an aggression, how can the occupier continue to invoke self-defence?

“Whatever the situation of the redeployment of Israeli army forces, noone, even those who support Tel Aviv, nobody can deny that Israel has total control of the air, land and sea borders as well as monopoly over the air space over Gaza. So, we can say that Gaza is still under Israeli occupation. Those who say the contrary read international law from a political view point. And this is why this reading is not just a misinterpretation of international law but it runs counter to the principles of international law itself.

“How can, whoever is imposing a mortal blockade against families and children, forbidding the access for medications and food, how is it possible to justify these inhuman practices and consider it to be self-defence?

“The concept of self-defence perhaps has changed overnight, or has it perhaps been reinterpreted to cover Israeli crimes?

“Whoever occupies the territory of another, creates settlements, and changes facts on the ground cannot say that this is self-defence because these acts are contrary to international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

“Now, those who fight against the occupier, expansion and annexation are, in fact, those who are defending themselves. Those who fight against the occupier, according to the laws of international law, are not terrorists but freedom fighters. And this, in spite of the amalgamation that some do between fighting the occupier and terrorism.”  —

— United Nations General Assembly Tenth Emergency Special Session
15-16 January 2009

Source: (See Video: 15 January, afternoon session  – Real Player format)

The statement of the representative of Yemen (at 53:45


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