Combined evil forces plot against Syria

There is little any nation can do under the “new world order” to save itself from the machinations of the combined forces of the United States, NATO, the Rothschild bankers and Israel, and George Soros-funded “do-gooder” non-profit groups.

With the replacement of Bashar al-Assad’s government with one subservient to the interests of the Sunni Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf potentates, NATO, the United States, and the globalization plutocrats, Russia will lose its last naval base in the Mediterranean, at Tartus. A radicalized Syria will emerge that is in a more strategic location to export radical Islam to the southern Caucasus and largely Muslim regions of Russia; and a West, seeing victory in Libya and Iraq, ready to focus its sights on Iran.

The security issues facing Russia after the imposition of a pro-Western regime in Damascus are immense.

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