Hillary Clinton–The mouth that roared

Mr. Obama should immediately dismiss her for ignorance and language unbecoming a Secretary of State

The main duty of the Secretary of State is to insure peace through the use of diplomacy. Secretaries of State are known to be artful and diplomatic in their conduct with other nations in an attempt to insure that cooler heads prevail and confrontation is avoided.

That being said, Hillary Clinton should be fired, dismissed, or removed from office on the grounds she is the most bombastic Secretary of State the world has ever seen. Diplomacy requires tact, cajoling, persuasive language, and understanding. Clinton has none of these.

The latest outburst of bombastic language from the mouth of Ms. Clinton came a few days ago when she threatened Syria with a “catastrophic assault” that would smash the Syrian State. Real Secretaries of State are peacemakers and negotiators, unlike this one. Ms. Clinton has a long history of speaking, not as the nation’s chief diplomat, but as chief warmonger.

Just last week, the chief peacemaker of the US threatened both Russia and China saying, they will “pay the price” for their position on the Syrian Civil War. Imagine threatening both Russia and China. Perhaps Ms. Clinton should take a quick look at the US debt holdings by China, which would tell her it is not only undiplomatic to threaten China but stupid.

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