Information Ministry warns of plans to hijack Syrian channels’ frequencies to broadcast false news on alleged coup d’etat or defections

SANA — A Information Ministry source on Sunday warned that Western intelligence are planning in cooperation with some Arab parties to hijack the frequencies of Syrian satellite channels for some time to broadcast false news on alleged coup d’etat or certain military defections or the fall of certain cities and the like.

The Ministry source added that the frequencies of Syrian channels are to be hijacked through broadcast control stations in neighboring countries, noting that false news might be broadcast by Syrian presenters and journalists who work for Arab and Western channels or who might be or have been abducted and pressured to present such false news.

The Ministry stressed that any news that might be broadcast with regard to such alleged information are completely baseless and should be regarded by the citizens as being part of the misleading and fabrication campaign launched against Syria.

Information Source: News Broadcast by Some Satellite Channels on Aerial Bombardment of Some Places in Damascus Baseless

Earlier, an information source refuted as baseless the news broadcast by some satellite channels on aerial bombardment of some areas in Damascus.

The source stressed normal life in Damascus, adding that the authorities, in cooperation with locals, are chasing vanquished terrorists in certain streets.

Source: SANA

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