July 14 update

While Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is off line this morning, reports and accusations condemning “new violence” in Syria are flooding Western and allied media:

Just a reminder that after Operation Cast Lead and after the publication of judge Goldstone’s report, the U.S. and its allies accepted Israeli justification of civilian casualties as “collateral damage” resulting from the allegation that Palestinian “terrorists” were launching attacks and hiding in civilian areas, using civilians as “human shield”. At that time, most Western leaders bragged about “Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Today’s quick and one-sided interpretation of events by Clinton, Ban Ki-moon, and Robert Mood indicates a mysterious “extention” of the Syrian Air Force operation as cause of this latest massacre. This could be anything, including a rebel offensive. A detailed investigation is needed to determine the culprits. Fact that SANA is simultaneously blocked or cyber-attacked and remains offline, supports a strong possibility that a complex false-flag operation is taking place in Syria.

(At 11:40 GMT, SANA, or what appears to be SANA, is back online, though with some pictures missing. Later during the day, SANA went on and off line several times. It seems that it was off line most of the day.)


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