Turkey threatens force if Syrian troops near border

Buoyed by support from his country’s NATO allies, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Syrian forces on Tuesday to stay clear of their troubled border or face a Turkish military response to any perceived threat, following the disputed downing of a Turkish warplane.

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What a stupid thing to say! The only acceptable mission of any army is defence, meaning protection of the borders of their country. That is their place – on the borders.

On one hand, Turkey excuses the violation of Syria’s airspace as “normal”, on the other hand, it denies Syrian army free movement within its own territory. Somebody has a problem with the brain, somebody badly needs a doctor.

However, the issue becomes understandable considering that a great number Syrian “rebels” are trained and housed in Turkey. They frequently cross the Syrian border to commit atrocities that are later blamed on the Syrian government. Increasing the presence of Syrian army on the border with Turkey would make the coming and going of these mercenaries more difficult. It would trap many of them in Syria, where they would be targeted by Syrian military and law enforcement.


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