New Evidence of Torture Prison in Poland


Entrance to the prison in Stare Kiejkuty

The current debate in the US on the “special interrogation methods” sanctioned by the Bush administration could soon reach Europe. It has long been clear that the CIA used the Szymany military airbase in Poland for extraordinary renditions. Now there is evidence of a secret prison nearby.

It was apparently here, just under an hour’s drive from Szymany airport, that Sheikh Mohammed was tortured, exactly 183 times with waterboarding — an interrogation technique that simulates the sensation of drowning — in March, 2003 alone. That averages out to eight times a day.

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2 Responses to New Evidence of Torture Prison in Poland

  1. polkaontheisland says:

    And those governments have just told us straight in the eyes that none of this has been happening.
    This shows exactly how much Polish government is able to do to please to US. Natural – we’d do anything to get out of Russia’s reach. But I think that it’s obvious by now that the USA is abusing us even more than the USSR has. At least the Soviets have invested here, while the Yanks are only taking factories over for 1$ and selling their stuff here.

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